For the love of Mushrooms.

Quality for Mind, Body, and Soul.

ShroomFlex is more than a source for organic mushrooms, our team loves the nature and the benefits of our fungus friends. Our leadership team has been feeling the benefits of mushroom extracts for decades. From immune boosters to cognitive and memory support, we practice what we preach. Our relationship with our farmers goes back over two decades as the farms produce 100% organic mushrooms that are then turned into mushroom extracts for nutritional gain. Our farms are based in the Pacific Northwest of the United States and we maintain organic growing conditions to ensure the purest, contaminant-free mushroom harvest. Due to our extraction methods, ShroomFlex powders and capsules will have improved bioavailability, thus, improved benefits. Join the ShroomFlex journey!

Ancient Apothecary

A bounty of benefits.

Mushrooms have been used as an ancient apothecary for thousands of years for therapeutic use in traditional cultures. Benefits include antioxidant content, ability to regulate the immune system and the ability to combat cancer. These medicinal marvels also play roles in reducing inflammation, combating metabolic syndrome, including diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease. ShroomFlex mushroom extracts are effective in combating pathogenic bacteria, viruses, parasites, and other fungi. For centuries mushrooms, such as Lion’s Mane and Chaga, have been used for improving mood, cognitive function, and reducing neurodegeneration and lastly detoxing and improving overall organ function.

Know your mushrooms.

FLEX for ALL Lifestyles

ShroomFlex provides a perfect mushroom solution for all lifestyles, body styles, and mindsets. Whether you are aging and looking to sharpen your memory, or an athlete looking for additional oxygen intake and energy, ShroomFlex is a leader in the medicinal mushroom industry to fit your needs.